Raymond Peynet
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  Raymond Peynet was born in 1908, the 16th of November, in Paris. 

When he was 15 years old, Raymond Peynet is admitted at the art school based just in front of the bar of his parents who left the Auvergne for Paris few years ago.

It’s by entering in the working life that Raymond Peynet starts learning his drawer job at Tolmer, commercial agency in Paris, by making various works, from sweeping the agency, drawings labels for fragrances and chocolates boxes, to concept various commercials.

In 1930, Raymond Peynet got married to Denise DAMOUR.

In order to make more money, Raymond Peynet publishes his drawings in the Paris press, very important at this time: le Rire, Rire à deux, Paris Magazine, The Boulevardier (newspaper reserved to British living in Paris)… It’s in 1942, that Raymond Peynet life is going to change!

Having to give a confidential mail to a correspond, in Valence, in the French department Drome, Raymond Peynet was at the rendezvous point, setting on a bench, in front of the bandstand of Valence (classed historical monument since 1982). It was there that Raymond Peynet imagined a little violinist with long hair playing alone in front of the bandstand of Valence and a girl listening to him.

Few years later, the violinist will change in poet… and the girl will become his love.

The lovers of Peynet were born... The Lovers of Peynet made the worldwide tour… on porcelain, scarves, dolls, books, medals, statues (such as the one in Hiroshima in Japan)… on everything symbolising Love!

Brassens would have never wrote “les bancs publics” without the lovers of Raymond Peynet. Charles Aznavour also wrote a song for the lovers of Peynet singing by Marcel Amont, “the lovers of paper”

Actually, 4 museums honour the lovers of Peynet: Antibes, Brassac les Mines (native town of Peynet’s mother), Karuizawa (Nagano-Japan) and Sakutocho (Okayama-Japan).

Raymond Peynet is gone on his 90 years old, the 14th of January in 1999… just one month before the day of his “Saint Valentine”!